Flexible pricing options to suit the nature of your practice and clients

One off

We are committed to bringing the greatest possible levels of cost clarity and certainty to every matter we work on.

For this reason, we believe that there should be as few ‘cost points’ as possible. 

Time and time again we hear of clients who feel that they have been let down by service providers who either did not communicate potential changes to project costs in a timely manner or who shroud additional costs in a variety of additional ‘line items’ which are not necessary as visible as they could be at the time a contract is signed.

We want to bring a level of transparency and certainty to each matters we undertake.

Our simplified pricing means:


Our unique subscription service provides you with a virtual full-time litigation support manager for a notional monthly fee.

You can call on us to consult with you on any eDisclosure, Document Review or DSAR challenge and then benefit from our most preferential eDisclosure pricing and fixed-cost document review resourcing. 

The subscription service, and our work with you on the vast-majority, if not all, of your eDisclosure matters, is made possible by our minimal conflicts and agility to get up and running with you in a matter of hours.

Imagine having the benefit of an accumulated fifty years’ experience of eDisclosure and other litigation support work on matters of all sizes and complexities for the annual cost of a single iPad!