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Effective planning is the cornerstone of success in any eDisclosure exercise. Our years of experience in all sizes of matter allows us to help you plan effectively to ensure:

  • Clarity and Focus
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Resource Optimisation
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Time and Cost Management
  • Accountability
  • Flexibility
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Data collection needs to be approached with care as this is the foundation on which all of your subsequent processes will be built. Many IT departments that use Microsoft 365 can complete defensible collections internally, although we are very happy to help provide guidance and support with such processes.

However, when collection is required from mobile devices, laptops/PCs or other devices, or where organisations do not use Microsoft 365 we provide specialist resources who adhere to best practices and industry standards to remove any potential risks.

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Early Case Assessment

Our preferred Early Case Assessment tool is Discovery Partner by Merlin. 

This innovative and transformative tool uses Artificial Intelligence to find the most relevant documents instantaneously.

Exceptionally useful in situations where clients have large “unknown” document collections, or where organisations are conducting investigations, Discovery Partner uses natural language queries to find the key documents relating to your issues.

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Hosting, Review and Production

Documents are processed for review in the globally tried and trusted Nuix processing engine. Once processed we upload the documents to the world-leading Relativity platform for review.

In order to minimise costs we only upload the text of the documents to Relativity (with the exception of Spreadsheets and PowerPoint Presentations). This means we always host the absolute minimum volume of data, reducing your clients costs significantly.

We produce documents from Relativity in an industry-standard format for ease of exchange and compatability.

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Court Bundling and Presentation

Overlooked by many edisclosure service providers, courtroom presentation forms a central part of our case planning.

Our holistic approach from the beginning of every engagement means that you do not end up with expensive, last minute, solutions to courtroom bundling and presentation requirements.

We plan for it from ‘the get go’ and seamlessly transfer from review and production to bundling and presentation.

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