We provide you with the right tool(s) for the data challenge you may are facing and then ensure you are completely comfortable with how to best use those tools to manage your matter in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible

Relativity has become the de facto global standard for legal document review.

Its combination of powerful features, user-friendliness and global acceptance by courts, regulators and lawyers ensures its position as the ‘go to’ tool for document review.

Relativity’s advanced search, text analytics, computer-assisted review functionality and workflows ensure the platform provides significant efficiency to reviews ranging from a few hundred documents to millions. 


DiscoveryPartner by Merlin is the first full-featured, multi-large language model (LLM) integrated edisclosure and investigation platform designed to simplify workflows–delivering results in seconds versus hours or days.

Need to quickly find relevant facts for an internal investigation? Get summaries of key events, timelines and players? Review and classify documents, with justifications for each decision? Identify individuals to interview? Parse through transcripts for case prep?

Sherlock AI can take the lead. It’s the power behind DiscoveryPartner, comprised of lightning-fast and scalable machine learning algorithms with integrated GPT and a unique multi-LLM approach to save on costs. 

Ask DiscoveryPartner to analyze and summarize documents – from one to thousands. DiscoveryPartner will read and analyze every word, providing you with summaries of issues, outlines of potential witnesses and many other areas you’re interested in–in seconds–along with links to the supporting documents.

Once you see DiscoveryPartner in action, you won’t want to go back to using keywords alone again.

Read more about our partnership with Merlin here: https://merlin.tech/partners/ 


Brainspace is andadvanced data analytics platform that can be applied to many data challenges including Investigations and eDisclosure.

Driven by state of the art machine learning, Brainspace provides powerful, visual tools which enable you to discern key facts, documents and events from any volume of documents in a matter of minutes:

  • Cluster Wheel : to identify key topics of groups of documents / communications

  • Communications Analysis – to quickly visualise who was talking to who and when? Who are the key players and what are the key conversations taking place in your dataset.

  • Dashboard – to provide user-friendly searching and visual indications of document numbers / timeline etc.

  • Powerful Concept Searching – use simple phrases or words to gain a better understanding of the terms and language used in this particular dataset; uncover documents and communications you may otherwise have missed.

Blackout is a state-of-art redaction tool for Relativity. It allows you to undertake manual or automated redaction tasks across a wide variety of filetypes including Excel files. 


With the volumes of data present in today’s matters, we need a powerful, complete and proven method of converting a myriad of data types into a consistent format for loading into our review tools.

Nuix is the gold-standard for data processing and allows for the rapid filtration of datasets to ensure only potentially relevant items are loaded for subsequent analysis and review.


In addition to all of the tools shown above, we have other technologies that can assist with the management of documents once disclosure is complete.

Be it court bundling or trial presentation we are able to support your matter from the very first day through to the last day in court.