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Flexible pricing options to suit the nature of your practice and clients

Flexible pricing models

Our Pricing Models

Whether you are looking for support with a one-off matter, or for a partner to support you strategically with all aspects of litigation and investigation technology support, we have proven services and cost models.

Benefits of working with us

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Benefit 1

Our review technologies leverage the power of Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence to ensuire your document review projects are carried out as efficiently as possible. We deliver valuable insights into your document collections, of any size, in a matter of hours.


Benefit 2

When you need additional resources to help complete your document review project we’re here to help. We have over a dozen years experience of staffing document reviews projects of all sizes. We provide highly experienced, cost-effective reviewers who work as a virtual extension of your legal team.


Benefit 3

We understand the tempo of litigation and investigation matters and the importance of prompt, intelligent, support. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand your requirements, respond to your circumstances and commence new projects in a timely fashion.


Benefit 4

Charging for litigation support services doesn’t have to be complicated or unpredictable. Our simple pricing model eliminates uncertainty and cuts out barriers to engagement between us and our clients.

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